Born 1977, Prague, ČSSR

Studies and Professional Activities


1999-2006: Prague Academy of Applied Arts, photography studio under Prof. Pavel Štecha
2002-2003: Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, painting studio under Profs. Vladimír Skrepl & Jiří Kovanda
2002-2003: TAIK Helsinki, studio of photography, foreign study scholarship

Teaching Activities:

2014-2018: FAMU – Prague Film and TV Academy, Department of Photography
from 2018: University of Jan Evangalista, Department of Fine Arts, Photography Atelier, Usti na Labem
from 2012: Scholastika Collage, Department of Photography, Prague

Stipends and residencies:

2013: CEAAC’s International Artist Residency Program, Strasbourg, FR

2013: Egon Schiele Center Studio Program, Cesky Krumlov, funded by the Art & Theatre Institute in Prague
2011: Visegrad Artist residency stipend at Triangle Arts Center & Futura Center for Contemporay Art, N.Y.C. USA
2010: Theatre Institute Artist residency stipend, El Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico
2007: Ministry of Culture Artist residency stipend at PROGR, Bern, CH

Founding member of the artist group Ládví

solo exhibitions


Silence, Torso, the Present, curated by Sandra Baborovská, Prague House of Photography, Prague City Gallery


Truth, Berlinskej Model, Prague

Jiří Thýn, Truth, from the series Looking for a Monument, Phoinix, Bratislava, SK


Shape, Work and Two Fat Bellies, hunt kastner, Prague


Jiří Thýn: Hledání monumentu II | In Search of a Monument II, Dům uměni v Brně  | Brno House of Arts, Brno


Two Ends of the Distance / Images that never happened, Fait Gallery, Brno


Consciousness as a Fundamental Attribute I, II, CEAAC, Strasbourg, FR

Dva konce vzdálenosti / Two Ends of the Distance, Gallery at the French Institute, Prague

Consciousness as a Fundamental Attribute I, II, hunt kastner, Prague

Basic Studies, Non-narrative Photography, Josef Sudek Atelier Gallery, Prague


Jiří Thýn, Galerie Luxfer, Ceska Skalice

Petra Heřmanová and Jiří Thýn: Reversed Mirror, curated by Tereza Sochorová Horaková, Studio Kostelni, Prague


Basic Studies II: Non-narrative photography, České Budějovice House of Arts, České Budějovice

Jiří Thýn, Galerie Fiducia, Ostrava

Jiří Thýn (CZ) and Katie Holten (USA), Futura, Prague


In Other Words, Gallery G99, DUMB: Brno House of Arts, Brno

50% Grey, Galerie Photoport, Bratislava, SK

Basic Studies, curated by Kateřina Uhliřová, Open Gallery, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Bratislava, SK

Cast of a Hand with a Small Torso, (with Jan Haubelt), curated by Edita Jeřabková, Fotograf Gallery, Prague

Archetypes, Space, Abstraction, Prague City Gallery, Old Town Hall, Prague


Jiří Thýn, amt_project, Bratislava, SK

Between Circles, BKC, Gallery of Young Artists, Galerie U Dobrého pastýře, Brno

Fotografie / Photograph, Moravian Gallery, Atrium, Brno


Less, hunt kastner, Prague

50% Grey, 35m2 Gallery, Prague

Jiří Thýn, Galerie NF, Ústí nad Labem


4 Corners of the Hilton Hotel, Galerie ETC, Prague


All the Best, Josef Sudek Gallery, Prague


Local Ground, Galerie CO14, Prague


A Quiet Place for My Sister, Gallery at the French Institute, Prague

group exhibitions


No Art Today? New work from the Prague City Gallery Collection, GHMP at the Municipal Library exhibition hall, Prague
Jaromír Novotný & Jiří Thýn, Galerie Ferdinand Bauman, Prague


Lovelies from the Files. Sudek and Sculpture, curated by Hana Buddeus &
Katarína Mašterová, Prague City Gallery at the House of Photography, Prague
Light Underground, curated by Sandra Baborovská, Prague City Gallery at the House of the Stone Bell, Prague


Orient 2, curated by Michal Novotný, Kunsthalle Bratislava, SK

Tender, curated by Michal Nanoru, Czech Center in New York, USA

The Audience Has Award, curated by the Jindrich Chalupecky society, Galerie TIC, Brno

Inner Gardening, curated by Eulalie Polne & Jiří Procházka, CAMP, Prague

Quodlibet, curated by Karel Císař, hunt kastner, Prague


Tribute to the Broadcloth / Pocta suknu, curated by Emma Hanzlíková and Markéta Vinglerová, 8smička, Humpolec
Line, part of a friend of friend cooperative gallery project, BWA Warszawa, PL

Apparatus 2.0: The Unreliable Library / Nespolehlivá knihovna, curated by Vacláv Magid, Center for Contemporary Arts, Prague

Conditions of Impossibility VI/VII: Technical Detail, curated by Vacláv Magid, Kurzor Gallery, Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts, Prague


New Acquisitions from the Collections of Prague City Gallery, Prague City Gallery at the Municipal Library, Prague
Podmínky nemožnosti III/VII | Conditions of Impossibility III/IV, curated by Václav Magid, galerie Kurzor, Center and Foundation for Contemporary Art, Prague

Forms of Contemporary Sculpture – A Figurative Medium | Podoby současné plastiky  –  Médium figura, curated by Sandra Baborovská, Prague City Gallery, Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, Prague

Don’t Worry Boy, curated by Karina Kottová and Tereza Jindrová, Forum Box, Helsinki, FI

Absolute Beginners, curated by Jaromír Novotný & Pavel Švec SVIT, Prague

AMIWHATIAMTHINKINGABOUT?, curated by Tomáš Svoboda and Ondřej Chrobák, 4+4 Days in Motion, kasárna Karlín, Prague


Allegory or Perils of the Present Tense, Poetry Passage 2, curated by Adam Budak, Prague National Gallery at the Trade Fair Palace, Prague

MOCP at 40, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, Ill, USA

Double Take: Drawing and Photography, Photography Gallery, London, UK

Reflex – Jam Session with Pavel Banka and Guests, Dům umění Ústí nad Labem

Apparatus for a Utopian Image, curated by Pavla Sceranková and Dušan Zahoranský, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, N.Y., USA

What People Do For Money, Manifesta11, curated by Christian Jankowski, Zurich, CH

On an Egg, curated by Pavel Vančat, 251 Cooper Street, Ottawa, Canada


The Hidden Language of Plants, Prague National Gallery at the Kinsky Palace

50 Years of Roudnice Gallery of Modern Art, Roudnice and Labem

The Best Tailor in Town, curated by Edith Jeřábková and Jiří Kovanda, hunt kastner, Prague

Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously, curated by Markéta Stará, SYNTAX, Lisboa, PT


Poetic materialism, curated by Boris Ondreička, SODA gallery, Bratislava, SK

The Golden Age, Reminiscence of Cubism in the visual arts, curated by Petr Veselý, Dům umění, GJK, Brno

The Hand, curated by Jiří Ptáček, Galerie U Dobrého pastýře, Brno

Past, Present, Past, curated by Edith Jeřábková, Futura, Prague

Magic Still-life, work from the PPF collection, Josef Sudek Atelier, Prague

An Homage to Otto Gutfreund, Galerie Otto Gutfreund, Dvůr Králové nad Labem

VII New Zlin Salon, Zlin Regional Art Gallery, Zlín

Boogie-Woogie, curated by Áron Fenyvesi, Tráfo Gallery, Budapest, HU

Literacy / Illiteracy, curated by Maria Kjær Themsen, 16th Tallinn Print Triennial, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn,Estonia

Crystalization, curated by Radek Čák and Martin Fišr, Blansko City Gallery

9th International Biennale of Photography and Visual Arts, curated by Jan Kratochvíl, Hynek Alt and Aleksandra Vajd, Liege, BE

Wondering Paths, curated by Markéta Stará, Platforma Revólver, Lisbon, PT

The Beginning of the Century, curated by Pavlína Morganová, Ostrava Regional Gallery, Ostrava


Photography, Reconstructed, curated by Pavel Vančat, Prague Biennale6, Žižkov Freight Railway Station, Prague

Works on Paper, I8 Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland

Fotofestival Moravska Trebova, Moravska Trebova Museum

From Now On All Things Will be Beautiful, Kisterem Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Red8, curated by Tereza Jindrová and Jen Kratochvil, Gallery VSUP, Academy of Art and Architecture, Prague

As the Earth Turns, All Things Slip Away, curated by Edith Jeřabková and Jiří Kovanda, hunt kastner, Prague

Element F, Moravian Galerie in Brno


Fotograf Festival 2012, solo in project in the Albertov Botanical Garden, Tropical Greenhouse, Prague

Jindřich Chalupecky Award Finalists Exhibition, DUMB: House of the Lords of Kunštat, Brno

Open, Work from the Marek Contemporary Art Collection, curated by Marika Kupková and Ondřej Chrobák, Moravská Krumlov Chateau, Moravská Krumlov

Uninvited Guest, curated by Viktor Cech, Helena Blaškova, Galerie Chodovska tvrz, Prague

Is This Free…?, curated by Marco Antonini, NUTUREart Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Family Talk, curated by Marco Antonini, FUTURA, Prague

Islands of Resistance, Between the First and Second Modernity, curated by Edita Jeřabková, Jiří & Jana Ševčiková, National Gallery in Prague at the Veletržní Palace, Prague

Začatek stoleti / The Beginning of the Century, curated by Pavlina Morganová, Pilsen Regional Gallery, Pilsen

State of Affairs, Spaces through Ideological Appropriation, curated by Borbala Szalai, AMT Project, Bratislava, SK


Urchonie, curated by Le Bureau (FR), FRAC Franche-Comte, Besancon, Galerie Klatovy / Klenova, Klatovy, Galerie 35 – Institute Francais, Prague

Jindřich Chalupecky Award Finalists Exhibition, DOX Center for Contemporary Art, Prague

Teleidoscope, curated by Markéta Stará, Open Gallery, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Bratislava, SK

Wasteland, curated by Lenka Vitková, Tranzit, Prague

Why Do I Keep Reading the Same Books?, curated by Petra Feriancová, amt gallery, Bratislava, SK

Citation and Interpretation, curated by Jiří Machalicky, Galerie NoD, Prague

Sculpture in the Street III, curated by Karel Císář, organized by DUMB: Brno House of Art, public spaces in Brno

6th New Zlín Salon, Zlín Regional Gallery, Zlin

Skutr III, 3rd Biennale of Young Artists, curated by Vladimír Beskid, Kopplova Villa GJK, Trnava, SK & Eastern Slovakian Regional Gallery, Kosice, SK

Turned Down, Wannieck Gallery, Brno

Mutating Medium, Photography in Czech Art 1990-2010, curated by Pavel Vančat, Galerie Rudofinum, Prague


And Don’t Forget the Flowers, curated by Yvona Ferencová, Moravian Gallery in Brno

Ears Like Loops, curated by Edita Jeřabková, Zona sztuki aktualnej, Lodz, PL

7th Biennale of Young Artists, curated by Tomas Pospišzýl, Prague City Gallery, House of the Stone Bell, Prague

Ego / Portrait x Photography, curated by Robert Novák & Pavel Turek, Langhans Gallery, Prague

The Collectors, The Czechoslovak Pavilion, curated by Lucia Drdová & Martin Mazánec, Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna, AT

HotLine, curated by Jan Zalešák, Václav Špála Gallery, Prague

Dividing Line, curated by Jiří Machalicky, NoD Experimental Space, Prague

50% Grey: Contemporary Czech Photography Reconsidered, MoCP – Museum of Contemporary Photography, curated by Karel Císář & Karen Irvine, Chicago, IL, USA

Everyday(s), curated by Fabienne Bernadini and An Schlitz, Casino Luxembourg, forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg

Art To Date, curated by Zuzana Štefková, NoD Experimental Space, Prague

After Velvet, curated by Sandra Baborovská & Karel Srp, Prague City Gallery at the House of the Golden Ring, Prague


Historical Work, curated by Edita Jeřabková & Lenka Lindaurová, Galerie Václav Špála, Prague

White Paper, Black Bride, curated by Edita Jeřabková & Jiří Kovanda, Praguebiennal4, Karlín Hall, Prague

Psychology of the Future, A.M.180, Prague


Reflecting Words, curated by Zdeněk Freisleben, Summer Star Palace at the White Mountain, Prague

Silent Agreement, curated by Edith Jeřabková & Pavel Vančat, Šternberk Municipal Gallery, Šternberk

The Essence, curated by Ivan Pinkava, Mánes Exhibition Hall, Prague

Contemporary Czech Cubism, curated by Vacláv Magid, Prague City Gallery, Old Town Hall, Prague


Improved Model, Lame Effect, curated by Jiří Ptáček, NoD Experimental Space, Prague

Glocal Outsiders, curated by Jiří David and Vasil Artamanov, Prague Biennale 3, Karlín Hall, Prague


Land locked, Well Gallery, London Collage of Communications, UK

This Point…, Preproduction Gallery, Berlin–Wedding, DE

Eternal States, Karlín Studios, Prague

Environmental, Galerie AM 180, Prague

Kolín Photography Festival Funke, Kolín


We Did Almost Everything, (with Dominik Lang), Entrance Gallery, Karlin Studios, Prague


Private Evolution, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

1+1, Jelení Gallery, Center for Contemporary Arts, Prague

Neptune, Design Blok, a project curated by Tranzit CZ, Botel Neptun, Prague


We Believe, Galerie 1, Prague Academy of Fine Arts

Broumov Courtyards, a public art project in Broumov

Compression, curated by Display Gallery, Wedding Kolonie, Belin, DE

Sakra! / Dammit!, Galerie 1, AVU-Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Prague

Konfrontace / Confrontation, House of Photography, Prague