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Klára Hosnedlová
Ponytail Parlour
Nová scéna
23-30 August 2018


opening reception 23 August, 7-9pm
Nová Scéna – Prague National Theatre, Národní 4, Prague 1


Klára Hosnedlová’s Ponytail Parlour is an installation taking place at the New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague.

The New Stage – or Nová scéna as the locals call it – is the City experimental theatre, hosted in an iconic modernist building. Since its construction, it has been home of the City’s National Theatre and the Laterna Magika – the world’s first multimedia theatre, and has been a playground for avant-guard directors and performative practices. Transforming the cloakroom, a space of cross-dressing and identity exchange, into a performative space, Hosnedlová imagines a feminine retreat, a parlour, a place of sensitive dialogue populated by extra-ordinary characters.

Precious motives and complex patterns decorate walls and furniture to create a charged and unique environment where time seems to slow down. A selection of costumes from the theatre’s archive, are presented in a group, softly constructed garments unveiling complex narratives and historical profiles. Juliette, Eva, Elektra, Angelica – their identity impregnated in each costume, open the transitional space of the cloakroom into a space of pure potential; a potential for acute catharsis and transformation.


text by Attilia Fattori Franchino


The exhibition will be open to the public at Nová Scena from 23-30 August, daily from 1-7pm



Eva Kmentová: Žena na slunci | Woman in the Sun
Eva Koťátková: Žena v bedně | Woman in a Box
curated by: Edith Jeřábková
exhibition architect: Dominik Lang
22. 9.- 16. 11. 2018

opening: 21. 9. 2018

With the help of such basic images as a woman, the sun, a shrub, the ribcage, and a box, the exhibitions of Eva Kmentová and Eva Koťátková, in this jointly conceived project, aim to open an inter-generational reflection about feminism and the body, a re-connection of natural and human forces, the crisis of a laboratory and institutionally shaped world, and the importance of personal testimony.