Daniel Pitín (*1977) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he studied classical painting under Zdeněk Beran and conceptual media under Miloš Šejn. Pitín creates visually complex paintings with dense symbolism and subtle references to canonic works of art, architecture and late-modern aesthetics. His dark palettes, ethereal figures, and surreal structures – which both hide and reveal their actors – give his works a moodiness and a hint of unspoken content. He describes his paintings as fragments of stories and dreams through which he explores “the personal and collective memory of well-known places.” The principles behind his paintings are also found in his collages, videos, and films, which are characterized by the use of found materials such as personal family and historical archives, online sources, and cinematic references, specifically the work of Alfred Hitchcock, film noir, and 1960s Czech cinema.
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