Michaela Thelenová’s (b. 1969) ongoing interest in the sphere of photography remains in pictures of the surroundings of the place where she lives, in the centre of the former Sudetenland in the village of Sovolusky, situated not far from the city of Ústí nad Labem. In her work, the artist takes fragmentary shots of people and the landscape of a place associated with the problematic history of the expulsion of Germans after the Second World War and the destructive impact of the communist regime on the natural landscape, and the post-1989 political, economic and social transformation, and incorporates historical relics still influencing the fates of people living in the area into the context of global problems of contemporary technical civilisation. The artist uses fragmentary, anti-descriptive language to liberate the multilayered strata of reality and call into question the dominant status of the power centre. – excerpt from a text by Šárka Jírová: Artlist – database of Contemporary Art
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