hunt kastner

Il faut cultiver notre jarden

As part of the 4th annual cooperative gallery summer programthis year inspired by Voltaire’s Candide, hunt kastner will be hosting projects by Paul Chaney, Jiří Thýn, Věra Novaková and Veronika Svobodová in the gallery, and projects and events with Anna Hulačová, Tomáš Uhnák and Jolanta Nowaczyk/Alexandra Ivanciu outside of the gallery walls.


“Unabashed optimism is an integral part of our constant effort to cultivate our immediate environment. We create gardens on our balconies, take care of even the smallest free space in front of our homes and even put up beehives on our rooftops. We try to create our own perfect world, while fighting against the pressure that overpopulation imposes on our resources, balancing between the positives and negatives of this incredible, yet harmful,  consumer life. We are always chasing after happiness and looking for new ways to cultivate our own bodies and souls which brings us to Voltaire’s Candide and his famous yet troubling phrase ‘il faut cultiver notre jardin’. Is it satire? Is he saying we should focus on the individual as this is all that we can ultimately do? Or does focusing on the individual bring about gradual improvements in society at large? Where and how do we find a balance?”
(Jan Vítek & Tereza Havlovicová, curators)


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