hunt kastner

The Best Tailor in Town


curated by: Edith Jeřabková and Jiří Kovanda


Jan Boháč, Richard Healy, Anna Hulačová,

Ondřej Kinský, David Krňanský, Marek Meduna,

Markéta Othová, Jiří Thýn, Viktorie Valocká, Klára Vystrčilová


28|2| –  11|4|2015


hunt kastner is pleased to present our second group exhibition curated by the curator/artist team of Edith Jeřabková and Jiří Kovanda, The Best Tailor in Town.  The exhibition will present a wide array of mediums (painting, sculpture, photography, and video) from emerging and mid-generation artists, whose common denominator is a certain approach to materiality and form in a period referred to by some theorists as digital capitalism.
„We used to think that the choice of medium is a kind of automatic thing – we want to express something, and therefore we reach into the closet to find what is closest to our idea. This is, of course, quite logical and correct.  But what if some things come about otherwise, arising from continuous development, from transformation, from a combination of successes and failures, precisely from the underlying pressure of media which do not fit, material which is rigidly the same, suspiciously traditional, classic, unpleasant or or the other hand too accommodating.  What if the ease of assigning form to content is not sustainable and is susceptible of slipping into formalism, into an ‘anything goes’ paradigm offering a wide cover for this or that concept. Technology, technique, material and form suddenly refuse to submit to a priori arbitrary content and begin to weave into it their own intentions and plans.


We are not doing anything new.  We already have everything.  At first you may feel that you have seen it a dozen times or even a hundred times and yet it suddenly become something else …? We are just doing what we have always done and what you have done as well – opening drawers and bringing to light long buried things. What is really important is simple and uncomplicated and beautiful, we have it before our eyes incessantly. The best tailors in town tailor perfect suits. They are the perfect cut of selected materials, all exactly the same for years and yet you have the nagging and persistent feeling that each one is different somehow„


Edith Jeřábková and Jiří Kovanda