Jan Šerých (* 1972, Prague) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he later taught (2014-2020). During his studies, he was a member of the art group Bezhlavý jezdec (Headless Rider) alongside Josef Bolf, Ján Mančuška and Tomáš Vaněk. Following up on minimal and conceptual trends of the 20th century, Šerých translates formal geometry to flat surfaces across his chosen media of painting, video and installation. Communication and language are central to Šerých’s work, with the artist questioning our capacity to translate, from words to code, from one language to another, from emotion to art, from creator to spectator. The cryptograms and numbers, Morse and other codes he uses illustrate our semiotic traditions, all while exposing their limitations, potential misuses, abuses and manipulations. From a macro perspective, his corpus captures a reflection on culture, or even civilisation. In addition to the artist’s own implementation of language, he employs machines and software, through code, bringing theoretical considerations into practical application through delegation to technology.
His work has been exhibited widely at exhibitions such as: O důslednosti vědy / On Exactitude of Science, Fait Gallery, Brno (2023); The Palace of Concrete Poetry, Writers’ House of Georgia, Tbilisi (2022); No Art Today? New Acquisitions from the Collections of Prague City Gallery, Municipal Library, Prague City Gallery (2021); Moving Image Department #10: Based On Real Events, National Gallery in Prague (2019); Civilization on the Crossroad: Architects of Scientific-Technical Revolution, Futura, Prague (2019); Orient 2, Kunsthalle Bratislava, (2019); Cokoli II (Whatever II), Luxfer Gallery, Česká Skalice (2018); Neue Schwarze Romantik (New Black Romanticism), Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE & Stadtgalerie Kiel, DE (2017); Noul romantism negru, Muzeul Naţional de Artă al României, Bucharest, RO (2017); Limbo, hunt kastner, Prague (2016); Qwerty, Sokolská 26 Gallery, Ostrava (2016); Pustina (Desert), Berlínskej Model, Prague (2014); Čtvrt na jedenáct (Quarter Past Ten), Set Gallery, Liberec (2014); Wysiwyg, Plato, Ostrava (2014); Cokoli (Whatever), Kabinet T. Gallery, Zlín (2013); !sey, lleH, Jelení Gallery, Prague (2013); Islands of Resistance: Between the First and Second Modernity 1985–2012, National Gallery in Prague (2012); Lies and Layers, (with Esther Stocker), hunt kastner, Prague (2011); Dnes (Today), Etc. Gallery, Prague (2011); Nejlepší ze všech špatných řešení (Making the Best of a Bad Situation), Blansko City Gallery (2010), Ears Like Loops, Zona sztuki aktualnej, łódź, PL (2010); On Altruism, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn, DE (2010); Bad Moon Rising Special, ISCP, New York, USA (2008); Takemehome, hunt kastner, Prague (2007); I invited some friends to come and watch, Galerija Nova / Galerija M. Kraljevič, Zagreb, HR (2006); V. Biennial of Young Artists, House at the Stone Bell, City Gallery, Prague (2005); Prague Biennale 2, Definition of Everyday, Karlin Hall, Prague (2005); J. Chalupecký Award — Finalists 2005, Municipal Library, City Gallery, Prague (2005); 1811197604122005, Plan B, Cluj, RO (2005); Like Beads on an Abacus Designed to Calculate Infinity, Rockwell, London, UK (2004); Neutral, Motorenhalle, Dresden, DE (2004); Laboratory of Contemporary Tendencies, National Gallery in Prague (2001).
Upcoming exhibitions include the group exhibition Blind Paw, curated by Zuzana Blochová and Marek Meduna at Kurzor Gallery / Center for Contemporary Arts Prague, opening in March 2024.
Šerých lives and works in Prague.