Coming Up

curated by Daniel Grúň
with guests Matej Gavula & Ján Gašparovič

opening June 27th at hunt kastner in Prague

hunt kastner is pleased to present an exhibition of work by the important Slovak composer, musicologist, performer and poet Milan Adamčiak (1946-2017). The title of the exhibition, curated by the Bratislava-based curator and theoretician Daniel Grúň and conceived in cooperation with the Slovak artists Matej Gavula and Ján Gašparovič, is based on one of Adamčiak’s stamp-concrete poems using variations of the words “Self” and “Fiction”, combined with the word “Action”, where the final meaning remains open to interpretation.

Adamčiak’s practice is focused on compositions of graphemes (written symbols that represent a sound). From the mid-1960s, Adamčiak developed numerous artistic intentions in parallel on three levels: in action art, experimental poetry and visual scores. Unrepeatable and ingenious, the elaborate typology of his creative methods was largely influenced by the aleatoric techniques of John Cage, the Fluxus movement, and unconventional recordings of musical compositions.

The exhibition is divided into three interconnected parts. The entrance hall of the gallery is dedicated to phono-acoustic works by Adamčiak, together with a reproduction of the work of “Homage á Rimbaud” in the gallery entrance window. The central room will feature a spatial installation, conceived by Matej Gavula (1966), of Adamčiak’s visual, graphic and concrete music accompanied by a sound installation by the Slovak artist Ján Gašparovič (1982) made specifically for the exhibition. The final part of the exhibition is adapted into a reading room with bound copies of texts, poems and instructions by Milan Adamčiak. The acoustic properties of running water throughout create a uniform immersive environment with an emphasis on synesthesia and the involvement of all the senses.

July 17th, a performance of “Vodná hudba” [Water Music], from 1970
(by Milan Adamčiak, with Róbert Cyprich and Jozef Revallo)
performed by Trio Romanovská Tichý Hrubý
T.J. Sokol Praha Královské Vinohrady pool

kurátor Daniel Grúň
ve spolupráci s: Matej Gavula & Ján Gašparovič

vernisáž 27. července, hunt kastner, Praha

17. července, performance “Vodná hodba” (1970)
(Milan Adamčiak, spolu s Róbertem Cyprichem a Jozefem Revallem)
v podání Tria Romanovská Tichý Hrubý
bazén T.J. Sokol Praha Královské Vinohrady

in the projekt_room:
in cooperation with Voloshyn Gallery, Kyiv
opening June 27th at hunt kastner in Prague